When I was trying to decide on a focus for this blog, I struggled to come up with anything meaningful that I felt deserved documentation. There are all kinds of blogs and so I reverted back to the blogs I have actually spent time reading. The truth is, I am not a great fan of blogging! I tend to stumble upon them only when I am searching for information about an area or topic that I need more first-hand information on. Before moving to BD, I scoured the web looking for insight into what life there might actually be like- from an expat’s perspective. I wanted to know what to expect, what to bring along, and perhaps what to beware of. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much for me to read. I also love telling (and, on occasion, exaggerating) stories of interesting and strange things that seem to happen only to me. It could be that I make these happenings more grand than they really are, but I don’t think so! I believe that all of us lead exciting lives and basically how others percieve everyday happenings in the life of anyone but themselves is completely subjective anyhow! My hope is that this blog will survive the whole 2 years that I have signed up to live and work in BD! It would be cool to see how my perspective changes after spending time living and traveling in Asia. So, without further adieu, thus begins my blog experience known as “Love, the Poli”.  (the name is reflective of the fact that my husband will also publish posts on this blog, only his will be in Latvian)

Manā skatījumā blogs ir dienasgrāmata, kurā ir atspoguļota mana un manas sievas Lezlijas ikdiena, dzīvojot un strādājot Dakā, Bangladešā. Sākot rakstīt, es sapratu ka svarīgas ir visikdienišķākās detaļas, kuras veido katra cilvēka pieredzi sākot dzīvot jaunā valstī. Beigu beigās lietas, kas ir ikdienišķs bangladešietim, ir kaut kas neredzēts vai nedzirdēts latvietim un amerikānim. Es ceru, ka mūsu blogs būs labs ieskats mūsu dzīvē Dakā un tilts uz sapratni par to, kas ir Bangladeša.

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